Five Strategies for Managing Inventory in Volatile Times


Learn how to successfully manage inventory challenges and improve performance even through volatile times.


The last few years have brought extraordinary challenges to all business–large and small. Many companies have been streamlining operations, changing products and redefining their markets and customers. These big changes have been enabled by companies by adopting new business process and new enterprise technologies.

In this exclusive webinar, ChainLink Research leads an engaging discussion with IPICO, a global high tech manufacturing company, and Upper Playground, a progressive retailer for urban lifestyles, about how they successfully manage their inventory challenges and have improved their companies’ performance, even through volatile times.

In this webinar we discuss five key strategies for enterprises to manage inventory in volatile times:

  • Creating a transparent and responsive business model through enterprise cross-functional integration.
  • How to improve working capital, yet strike the right balance of inventory to meet volatile demand.
  • Creating global visibility through cloud technologies.
  • Align and manage day-to-day operations with “C” suite metrics.
  • Understand and manage financial and supply chain risk.


  • Gordon Westwater, President and CEO, IPICO
  • Aaron Burns, CFO, Upper Playground
  • Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research
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