B2B Integration Priorities for 2012: EDI, MFT and into the Clouds – Webinar Recording

EDI, MFT and into the Clouds -- Webinar Recording


A webinar presented by Ann Grackin on EDI/Middleware and File Transfer at MSDynamicsWorld.com.



The last decade has added – not simplified – the requirements and the needs around integration between business and within the business. That means EDI/Middleware, and File Transfers are here to stay. In fact, though a mature technology market, it continues to grow and thrive. And why? Business is getting more complex – not less – for both small and large enterprise. More compliance, more data formats, more trading partners.

In this webinar presented on April 5, 2012, ChainLink Research shared their 2012 Business Priorities research on this market and what companies are doing, need to do, and why.


  • Business Drivers Today – What is driving EDI and other integration B2B usage?
  • Changes in the technology landscape – EDI, AS2, Managed File Transfer, and extending the enterprise.
  • Mobile, Clouds and Virtualization.
  • Technology innovators and landscape – Players and position in the market for the Microsoft world.
  • Conclusions – Taking a look at your environment. What you have, what you might need now and why?

Click here for the playback recording.

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