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We welcome guest authors to be considered for publication in our monthly magazine, the ChainLink Brief. We are particularly interested in submissions from supply chain practitioners/executives and researchers. We use the following criteria in selecting pieces for publication:

  • Relevant to Our Readers—Our audience is primarily supply chain practitioners, in functions such as logistics, distribution, sourcing and procurement, supply chain planning and optimization, demand management, supply chain risk, and sustainability. We focus on supply chain processes, best practices, innovations, trends, and technology. We also cover IoT and supply chain-related applications of blockchain.
  • Educational—Our readers are looking to learn something new and useful that they can apply, not to be sold to. We seek to publish articles that are educational and unbiased, not promotional or commercial in nature.
  • Innovative and Practical—We seek fresh perspectives, original research, and novel approaches, but with a bias towards those that are pragmatic and proven to work, not purely theoretical.
  • Well-written—We look for pieces that are engaging, succinct, and clearly written. If you have an idea that you are passionate about and think it would make a great piece, but are not confident in your writing ability, feel free to submit it anyway. If it is compelling enough, we may find a way to help you get it written.

If you would like to contribute a piece that meets our criteria, please fill out this form.

A brief description here of the topic you would like to write about. If you have multiple ideas, describe each separately. If you are still brainstorming, then let us know broadly what you are considering.
Please describe the type of article or approach you envision. Is this a case study, observations and lessons from your own experience, findings from research, a description of best practices, an infographic? Let us know how you intend to convey your ideas.
Who do you believe would be interested in your piece? Why would our readers would want to read it.?
Provide link(s) here If you have any examples of existing pieces you or any other authors have written, even if unpublished. And/or you may upload your writing sample(s) below. That helps us see if your writing style and quality are a good match for the Brief. If you do not have a writing sample, it is not an automatic disqualifier, but will influence our decision process.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
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