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About US

Heritage/Areas of Focus

ChainLink Research is one of the most widely respected Research and Advisory firms in Supply Chain today. Founded in 2003 by top practitioners and researchers in the field, ChainLink quickly established a reputation for prescience, depth and quality of research, innovative insight, and cross-functional/inter-enterprise perspectives. Our areas of focus span disciplines, including:

  • Logistics (transportation, warehouse, distribution)
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Supply chain planning and optimization
  • Demand management
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supply chain finance
  • Service supply chain
  • Cold chain, traceability
  • Sustainability, CSR, compliance
  • Supply chain networks, control towers, blockchain, autonomous supply chains
  • IoT/RFID
  • AI/ML in supply chain


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ChainLink does in-depth industry-specific research and has developed industry-specific supply chain models, incorporating our proprietary supply chain schematics and ecosystem diagrams.

We conduct both primary research (conducting our own surveys and interviews) and deep-dive secondary research (e.g., culling and analyzing government and industry data, searching journals and research papers, etc.).

We have a holistic approach that looks across functional silos, analyzing inter-enterprise processes, policies, relationships, material and financial flows, and power dynamics.

Services Offered, Industries Covered

We provide a broad spectrum of services ranging from advisory services to thought-leadership content development, custom consulting, and bespoke research projects.

We focus on a range of industries where supply chain is critical, such as retail, high tech, consumer goods, food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, health care, defense, logistics, wholesale distribution, and more. Click here to see a more detailed description of our the industries we cover and our research approach to them.


Our team consists of seasoned practitioners with leadership experience at some of the world’s most admired supply chains and senior researchers who led the supply chain and emerging technologies practices for some the industries most innovative research and advisory services providers.


Readers of ChainLink’s research findings are primarily supply chain practitioners and executives, across a broad range of functional areas.

Our clients for thought leadership content and custom research include supply chain solution providers from the very largest ERP companies down to early stage startups. We have the flexibility and passion to help even the smallest emerging solution providers succeed.

ChainLink has done supply chain advisory projects at the C-suite level for some of the world’s most successful retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and at the most senior levels of the Department of Defense.

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