High Tech

End-to-end High tech supply chains including semiconductors, components, PCB, EMS, brand owners, distributors (components and systems), and retail/channel partners

X-Factory – Part One

X-Factory is a demonstration factory (making real products) created by PTC to help manufacturers visualize a path to the Smart Factory. Here we describe what makes a factory smart and get a look at the engineering, material handling, and chassis manufacturing stages.

Supply Chain Risk Now?

The supply chain business community now includes Risk Management as a business priority and cites it as a key area in need of improvement. Are solution providers ready?

Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale Distributors represent approximately $4 trillion in trade, just in the US, alone! They are a powerful segment of every economy. The speed of business and increased competition powered by the internet has increased the importance of, and the challenges for, this critical link in the global value chain. This has driven the Wholesale Distributor to get creative with new services and to reach new markets.

Channel Management – Architected for Success:

Product design, marketing, supply chain, fulfillment and aftermarket service can all be part of the Channel Management relationship. Companies spend time in process management, but with the channels, it’s an afterthought.

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