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End-to-end High tech supply chains including semiconductors, components, PCB, EMS, brand owners, distributors (components and systems), and retail/channel partners

ChatGPT, What’s It Good For?

There’s so much buzz about Chatbots right now. Is this a dangerous road or a high-value tool? Do Chatbots have a place in supply chain applications? We explore the controversies, the technology, and potential applications and abuses of chatbots.

AI in Supply Chain – Some Definitions

If we are going to invest in AI and Machine Learning technology with the goal to improve our Supply Chain performance, we must have a working knowledge of just what AI/ML is.

The media is filled with stories about AI. But there is scant information related to AI for the Supply Chain. Looking for some clarity? There are plenty of obtuse definitions on the web, but almost none of them tell you what AI does for Supply Chain. These definitions will.

X-Factory – Part One

X-Factory is a demonstration factory (making real products) created by PTC to help manufacturers visualize a path to the Smart Factory. Here we describe what makes a factory smart and get a look at the engineering, material handling, and chassis manufacturing stages.

LiveWorx 17

LiveWorx 17 continues to gain momentum as PTC’s premiere IoT event. PTC conferences have consistently drawn large crowds, but the IoT component has really taken off with both end users as well as partners.

The IoT Security Imperative – Part 1: Physical-Cyber Risk Landscape

With the current state of IoT security, we might call it the Internet-of-Vulnerable-Things. It’s all the more alarming because of the types of physical machines/systems that are increasingly network-connected–traffic lights, airplanes, nuclear power plants, and other critical or potentially lethal systems. In part one, we discuss the nature of the challenge.

Supply Chain Risk Now?

The supply chain business community now includes Risk Management as a business priority and cites it as a key area in need of improvement. Are solution providers ready?

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