High Tech

End-to-end High tech supply chains including semiconductors, components, PCB, EMS, brand owners, distributors (components and systems), and retail/channel partners

On Demand Now

There is an end-user revolution going on. Enterprise Software customers are fed up with over-promising and under-delivering by vendors — key functionality that was in the sales deck or demo but never showed up in the product or was delayed for years; vendors that “take the money and run,” once initial installation is completed; and ROI that never materialized. Of course, there have been many success stories as well, but the reality is that the traditional technology sales model never did a particularly good job of facilitating an alignment of goals between the customer and the vendor. As a result, vendors who focused almost exclusively on sales as the only goal often did not stick around to ensure that the value of their product was realized for their customers.

StorageTek Implementation of WorldChain

While people dream about integrating with their suppliers, StorageTek is doing it–and creating a win/win. Their network solution project with WorldChain is illuminating.

net.com’s Implementation of Valdero

net.com is going through a business and supply chain transformation. They have also implemented some next generation technology from Valdero to make it all work.

The Truth About VMI

The high tech industry has experienced a striking shift from traditional replenishment processes to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) replenishment for various products during the last decade. This has been a wrenching transition for many suppliers. VMI was the top issue brought up by Electronics Supply Chain Association (ESCA) members in 2002. In October 2002, ESCA, in association with ChainLink Research and several other partners, launched an ambitious research project – a survey of supply chain practitioners at 60 firms, interviews of 14 firms, and the formation of the VMI working group (see sidebar list of working group members), which met in a series of intensive interactive sessions.

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