Trends 2012 – Mobile Mania


The question is not, “Are we going mobile?” The question is, “How are we going to leverage it?” In this report, we explore the rising interest in mobile technology.


In past years, mobile was an ever-present technology, it did not rise to this level of importance. And from an ownership perspective, the CIO and senior executives are taking a very keen interest, indeed. We will explore some of the reasons for this throughout this article.

Priorities have surely shifted since the advent of consumer mobile applications. But interestingly, what stands out is collaboration.

Both Android and now, iPhone 4S allows for video conferencing on the phone. Clearly, the business community has taken note and put mobile collaboration on the top of its list. It is clear that if one looks at the aggregate data, that supply chain (that is adding warehouse, logistics, and service management together) is still dominant in terms of mobile purchases.

We expect to see hardware turnover as newer devices with more capabilities have entered the market and favorable pricing provides end-users with much higher levels of versatility. In addition, software purchases to support mobile communications and data sharing have become more important as organizations put newer apps and more functions on the devices, moving from basic scanning to integration with enterprise applications.

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