Performance Management Collection


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  1. Kate Vitasek’s article on The Building Blocks of Successful Performance Management describes components to performance management beyond the traditional key financial performance indicators.
  2. Bill McBeath’s article, Achieving Peak Performance in Today’s Value Chains describes how more outsourcing changes key performance drivers: people, power, processes, and policies.
  3. The Next Phase of Supplier Performance Management in the Retail Industry, by Mark Jones, shows suppliers how to deal with retailers’ increasing use of vendor scorecards to manage, reward, and punish suppliers.
  4. In Assessing Supply Chain Performance: Time for a Fresh Perspective?, Sree Hameed discusses leading vs. lagging indicators and focus on supply chain capabilities, to managing future variability and uncertainty.


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Traditionally, Corporate Performance Management is thought of as the area of business involved with monitoring and managing an organization’s performance against its goals. Usually, the performance measurement aligns with key financial performance indicators such as revenue, return on investment, overhead, and operational costs.

However, by adding additional components to the program, companies can achieve significant impact on the bottom line.

Managing performance is the foundation of competitiveness and success. The virtualization of the supply chain and extreme outsourcing has changed the center of gravity for performance concerns from an internal focus to a supply-chain-wide view. Read how this mandates a reexamination of each of the core drivers of performance for a firm: its people, power position in the supply chain, processes, and policies.

This report requires a Basic Subscription (available at no cost).
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