The Brief – May 11 2010


Cloud defined, SaaS for small mfgs, and supply chain perspectives

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 – Published weekly.

The universe of SaaS/Cloud offerings just got bigger. Today’s announcement of Epicor Express means a full-featured SaaS solution is available to small manufacturers who have had almost no SaaS options up to now. [ Read: SaaS ERP for the Smallest Manufacturers ]

Does Cloud Equal On Demand?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cloud, SaaS, On Premise, On Demand, Managed Service, a mélange of technical terms is flooding the market. Is Cloud something new or… ? [ Read: Does Cloud Equal On Demand? ]


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Auto Supply Chain Hits the Road

General Motors failed to fix their supply chain in the late ’80s. Now GM and taxpayers are paying for it big time. Maybe now they are finally getting it right.

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Macy’s Supply Chain and Shareholder Value

Supply Chain techniques have measurable impact on upside revenue and shareholder value, not just on cost cutting.

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What Noah Knew About the Supply Chain That You Don’t

Certainty principles can be leveraged to significantly improve your inventory optimization and customer service levels. A simple approach to isolating uncertainty.

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Supply Chain Definitions for Demand Management

Requirements and Definitions for Supply Chain applications.

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