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RFID Special Issue

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 – Published weekly.

RFID is still Live. Four days in RFID land proved to be inspiring, since the innovation is still driving entrepreneurs to challenge existing plateaus in the solutions. [ Read: Innovation in RFID Still on the Rise ]

Secrets to Getting Started with RFID and Avoiding the Pitfalls

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who are the top RFID vendors? What are some of the implementation challenges? On the surface these are simple questions, but the answers are much more complex than and not as straightforward as one would like. [ Read: Secrets to Getting Started with RFID and Avoiding the Pitfalls ]


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High-Value Software and Solutions Lift Some RFID Providers Out of the Margin Crunch

The RFID system market is maturing, beyond just devices and physical implementation, to providing users with more complete solutions. The vendors who offer well-thought-out solutions, based on solid experience in the field, are doing well.

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

Location-Based Services Poised for Rapid Growth – Part 1

For years, pundits have predicted that the market for Location-Based Services is about to take off. So far that has been mostly wishful thinking. But there are many signs that now the time really is ripe for dramatic growth.

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Application-Specific Mass-Market RFID Readers

In the past, the majority of fixed RFID readers were either your standard issue 4-port “one-size-fits-all” readers or, at the other end of the spectrum, customized for a very specific application such as toll collection or embedded in a machine, tool, or vehicle. We are starting to see RFID readers now that tread a middle path between those two extremes…

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Risk Management Technology for the Supply Chain – Mini Report

Cyber Security, Compliance, Privacy, Supply Chain, Import Security, Anti-Counterfeiting, Critical Infrastructures and scary threats like fraud and piracy, ID theft, fraudulent checks, skimmers, phishing, malware, key loggers, and botnets afflict us all: from government, to business, to consumers, our lives are fraught with risk. Risk Management Technology is a growing sector, but the solutions are fragmented. See our new Solutions Guide chart in this report:

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GS1 Enters Product Recall

GS1, HP and Microsoft enter product recall space – but GS1 enters as a nonprofit. What is the impact to industry?

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Dash7 Alliance – Do Standards Bring Value?

Do standards matter? Do they bring value to end-users? Does the market care? And how does something become a standard, anyway…

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