The Brief – January 4 2011


Convergence, SAP’s Transformation, ERP Economics, New Wholesale Distribution Report, and more

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011 – Published twice monthly.

Convergence – Unified Applications and Devices for the Second Decade. [ Read: Happy New Year – Converged, Collaborative, Telepresent Communities in 2nd Decade ]

SAP’s Transformation: A Work-in-Progress – Part Two

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

We don’t always think of SAP as an innovator. But they are doing a lot. Complex Event Processing based on real-time sensor data, social media to find the right skilled people, embedded analytics, and mobile platforms are just some of the innovations coming out of SAP these days. [ Read: SAP’s Transformation: Work-in-Progress Pt2 ]


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ERP Part Three – ERP Economics: Building Applications

ERP Pricing for the SMB entails a holistic strategy.

[ Read: ERP Pt3 ERP Economics: Building Applications ]

Black Eyed Peas in the Cloud – Chatter Free

Stevie Wonder,, and other experiences from’s annual Dreamforce conference.

[ Read: Black Eyed Peas in the Cloud ]

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Wholesale Distributors Meet 21st Century Challenges – New Report

Wholesale Distributors represent approximately $4 trillion in trade, just in the US, alone! They are a powerful segment of every economy. The speed of business and increased competition powered by the internet has increased the importance of, and the challenges for, this critical link in the global value chain. This has driven the Wholesale Distributor to get creative with new services and to reach new markets.

[ Read: Wholesale Distributors Meet 21st Century Challenges – New Report ]

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