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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 – Published weekly.

Question: What does a Business Continuity Plan have in common with a parachute? Answer: When you find out that either doesn’t work, it may be too late. [ Read: 12 Attributes of a Successful Business Continuity Plan ]

Consider Risk in Your Optimization Model

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The job’s not done for Supply Chain Network Optimization unless it moves from the theoretical to the actual physical supply chain, and designs the supply chain from country of origin through transhipment locations to the end customer. [ Read: Consider Risk in Your Optimization Model ]


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Risk Management Technology for the Supply Chain – Mini Report

Cyber Security, Compliance, Privacy, Supply Chain, Import Security, Anti-Counterfeiting, Critical Infrastructures and scary threats like fraud and piracy, ID theft, fraudulent checks, skimmers, phishing, malware, key loggers, and botnets afflict us all: from government, to business, to consumers, our lives are fraught with risk. Risk Management Technology is a growing sector, but the solutions are fragmented. See our new Solutions Guide chart in this report:

[ Read: Commentary by the ChainLink Research Team ]

Road Map for Security Systems Architecture

With the current level of security concern, it is interesting that there is not more focus on applications security. Numerous articles cite chilling statistics about security breaches, with the majority (some use the figure of 80%) being related to applications.

[ Read: Commentary by Stephen Primost – Contributing Author ]

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Supply Chain Risk and its Impact on Equity Volatility

Wall Street is becoming ever more aware of supply chain issues and how they affect shareholder value. Learn how different types of supply chain risks have different impacts on equity volatility.

[ Read: Commentary by Vinod Singhal – Contributing Author ]

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Privacy Law Leadership in Cyber Legislation

David Goldstone, former prosecutor for the Justice Department and now at Goodwin Procter, in a recent speech at SecureWorld, highlighted the threats, challenges and responsibilities that firms now have to protect critical information.

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

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