Bill McBeath in DC Velocity, on end-to-end visibility


DC Velocity interviewed Bill McBeath about supply chain finance and visibility.

Here is an excerpt from this article:

Visibility Allows Speed

Bill McBeath, chief research officer for ChainLink Research, a Newton, Mass-based supply chain research firm, has looked closely at trade logistics visibility and what it can do for companies with complex international supply chains. He argues those tools not only can help manage transportation but can also support the financial components that drive the whole system.

Late last year, McBeath wrote an article for the ChainLink Research website (“Supply Chain Financial Network Platforms: Trade-Logistics-Visibility“) on how supply chain visibility can accelerate cycle time by providing business partners with crucial information. In the piece, which focused on the financial aspects of visibility, he noted, “trade-logistics-visibility platforms can help by providing lenders with detailed visibility into the status of various milestones in production, shipment, delivery, and inspection. … By having near real-time visibility and access to documents confirming the achievement of milestones (e.g. successful inspection), instead of waiting for paper documents to arrive, banks can improve payment processing speeds, accuracies, and efficiencies.”

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