Primarily ChainLink in the news.

Environmental Markets – Part One

Supply chain leaders are in a position to lobby for or influence public policies. What policy is in their best interest when dealing with ‘tragedy of the commons’ issues, such as pollution or resource depletion? Is it better to maintain business as usual/laissez-faire, support regulation, or advocate for market-based solutions? Here we explore the tradeoffs.

ChatGPT, What’s It Good For?

There’s so much buzz about Chatbots right now. Is this a dangerous road or a high-value tool? Do Chatbots have a place in supply chain applications? We explore the controversies, the technology, and potential applications and abuses of chatbots.

Impinj Hopes to Raise $60M From IPO

The RFID chip, reader and software provider’s second attempt to go public is more conservative–and better timed–than its previous offering.

New ChainLink Research Report Assesses Surge In Retail RFID Adoption

Tyco Retail Solutions, a leading provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced the results of a new, sponsored ChainLink Research report: Use Cases Driving the Current Surge in RFID Adoption. The ChainLink Research team surveyed and interviewed over 120 retailers from the Americas and Europe to explore the resurgence of interest and substantial growth in the use of RFID in retail.

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