DemandTec Buys M-Factor – What it Means


On an acquisition path, with AIS and now M-Factor, DemandTec broadens their reach in supplier-retailer interactions.


A few months ago we told you about DemandTec’s purchase of AIS, which broadened DemandTec’s analytic reach into the Grocery segment.

Now DemandTec buys M-Factor. This is one cool move. Here’s why:

  • DemandTec has been a leader and visionary in the customer insights arena. The retailer can create their own customer segmentation models and views of the market and share these with their suppliers. The huge data sets and analytics make this a high value/upside opportunity for enterprises to increase customer loyalty and revenue through the deployment of these models.
  • M-Factor has focused in on Trade Promotion Management, an activity seeing significant increases in usage in the retail segment. This also requires analytics, data management, and tedious and plentiful trading partner interactions.
  • DemandTec has been broadening their strategy with a network approach, The Collaborative Optimization Network, which is an inclusive platform. Managing more of the integration between the suppliers and retailers and leveraging the shared data increases the value for their customers.
  • Common approach to the market – Both DemandTec and M-Factor are ‘big game hunters,’ preferring to set their sights on large accounts.That can mean big growth for DemandTec, just working to harvest from the new existing account value portfolio.

Smart move!

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