RFID for the 2008 Supply Chain

3 Part E-LEARNING Series:


This all new series for 2008 covers the latest innovations and applicationsin RFID for the Supply Chain.



Thursday, February 21, 12:00 PM EDT

Introduction to RFID

This class is for those who need to know the basics.

  • What is RFID?
  • Why is it important in the Supply Chain?
  • RFID vs. Bar-coding – when to use which
  • Data and Industry Standards
  • Supply Chain Case Studies

This 90 minute course also includes the RFID Primer, a 40 page report of RFID – all you need to know!

The Science of RFID

Learn about the technology in-depth (requires Introduction to RFID as prerequisite)

  • How does RFID really work?
  • New innovations in the RFID Market for 2008
  • RFID Waves and Frequencies – what works best for each type of application
  • What are the different types of wireless applications?
  • Global Trace and Track – what are the elements? How is it accomplished?
  • How to select the right RFID technology for you

This 90 course also includes a practical RFID Road Map: How to select the right technology at the right price.

Active RFID

Global Supply Chain Management is fraught with danger – piracy, counterfeiting and lost goods. Can RFID help? Active RFID is a proven solution for many organizations. Whether asset tracking, access control, security, etc., Active RFID has been successfully deployed in many businesses from Auto to Maritime to Hospitals to Mines. But not all Active solutions are the same. There are significant engineering, frequency and hardware differences designed to solve different types of problems.

  • Active RFID Frequencies and technologies
  • Active RFID vs. GPS partners for visibility
  • Active RFID case studies

This 90 minute course will provide an introduction to the Active solution.
Attendees will also receive the Active RFID report.

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