Transformation in Supply Chain


During face-to-face discussions with Supply Chain Executives and their counterparts in Finance, IT, Sourcing and Product Design, they talked about what they are working on and why.


Finally, Supply Chain is being recognized as the most important function in many businesses today. With recognition comes pressure—lots of pressure—with CEOs crediting or blaming their supply chains for their successes or failures. With recognition also comes investment and new alliances in the executive suite.

Rapid growth, changing business models, M&As, new products/new markets and a new generation of belief in transformative program investment is driving a lot of advancement in Supply Chain IT.

I recently had a delightful and soulful discussion being interviewed by Scott Luton, founder and host of Supply Chain Now Radio. (You can listen to that here.) We talked about the big trends driving Supply Chain today: There are strategically significant changes that are having a profound impact on the business model and success of the enterprise, due to its focus on supply chain.

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