RFID for Maritime


RFID is being increasingly used not just for port and container security, but also in a myriad of other innovative uses in the Maritime industry. RFID is being used to track containers as they move across oceans, provide real-time location of containers in maritime yards, help product flow through customs, reduce demurrage, and increase the throughput of our constrained ports. In discussion with shippers, carriers, port operators and technology providers, the report covers these areas:- Users’ needs and requirements for RFID in Maritime- What is the complete RFID Solution- Recommendations to shippers and 3rd parties on how to proceed forward with RFID- An analysis of the current RFID Solution Providers in Maritime- Business opportunities for 3rd parties


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Supply Chains today are global. And a huge amount of the world’s consumable products, automobiles, computers, and perishables move across the ocean. Statistics vary, but most of what you drive, see, and sit on, and the packaging of these items, travels on the ocean to get to your business or home. Globalization and the virtualization of the supply chain have increased the challenges in controlling the ocean chain.

Outsourcing has replaced the exotic thinking about imports. Supply chains may be cheaper, but demanding customers still want supply chain flexibility. Products can travel on their ocean cruise from 2 to 8 weeks, eliminating many of the gains of the 1990s in supply chain effectiveness, due to technology and process improvements (from APS to ‘Just in Time’, etc.)

There are many challenges associated with ocean shipping. Staggering losses (estimates are around $50 billion each year) occur due to cargo theft. Piracy (the modern Blue Beards) still roams the high seas. In addition, after 9-11, security concerns in the transportation industry have increased. New regulations and the threats of more regulations have been introduced in the process.

Many enterprises are exploring and implementing RFID and related technology as a way to solve these problems. In fact, RFID has already been successfully used in a variety of Maritime business process areas and can provide real value to a global firm. RFID in Maritime is not an unproven strategy. We will discuss the trials and success.

In this report, we will address the Maritime application of RFID. We will look at:

  • The end-to-end processes that span Maritime;
  • The RFID solutions and applications—it’s not just about Tags;
  • And the key technology providers in this growing field.

This report requires a Premium Subscription (available at no cost).
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