Multi-party Solutions for Supply Chain: Part One


Today, firms across industries are often pursuing digitalization which is a requirement across complex enterprises and digital supply chains if they want to collaborate and operate with agility across their global supply networks.


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The Imperative:
We need to see trading partners as an extension of our own enterprise—as a fulfiller of our objectives.
Our processes and systems need to reflect this reality, drawing on our unique capabilities and the strength gained by collaboration.

No doubt, within enterprises, this is a pressing need, thus initiatives such as digital manufacturing, cloud workflow integration, industry standards adoptions, and so on are taking place. Organizations have complex requirements–both for collaboration as well as their own proprietary needs. But an area still of great confusion is the issue of the solutions to address inter-enterprise supply chain operations.

Business systems and their architectures have evolved that support two distinct needs–one for the enterprise, one for the supply chain. In this paper we highlight and draw distinctions between these two needs–enterprise vs. supply chain networks or multi-party solutions–and the types of technology that best support them.

In Part One, Multi-party Technology, we will strive to define some of the nuanced approaches within multi-party or often called supply chain networks. This is an area ChainLink has been committed to since our inception in the early 2000s. The concept of supply chain’s working as holistic units and yet as the same time being dynamic is really the heart and soul of successful supply chains. So it is so important to understand how technology helps achieve this goal.

In Part Two, The Multi-party Technology Solutions, we will highlight major multi-party supply chain solutions–not just the well know, but some important players that might surprise you, who have vast networks and play a pivotal role in today’s global chains.

This report requires a Premium Subscription (available at no cost).
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