NetSuite Loves Dogs and Dog Lovers


NetSuite enables young retailers and wholesalers to make a big impact in their markets.


Loving your dog or pet, like many pursuits, has gone upmarket. Pets are part of the family, and they reflect the lifestyle of the owner. Organic foods, fashionable wardrobes for pets—and owners—natural products for our beloved family member’s bed and toys, are becoming big business.

The entrepreneurs featured in this article were frustrated by the poor-quality products they saw in the market and wanted to build companies that reflected their values—both in product quality and in giving back to the community. They are frustrated, but also courageous to launch new companies in the highly competitive, but growing pet market. Since the 90s, the pet market has grown 8% annually to an estimated $58 Billion in 2014, with the premium products segment growing more quickly, with estimated growth between 11% and 15%.

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