Demand Management Technology Evaluation:Best Practices and Technology Evaluation


The complexity of business today–working a myriad of partnerships with both the channel side and the transportation partners, as well as dealing with the challenges of fickle and surprising
markets–requires not only more visibility into ongoing operations, but more Intelligence to operate successfully. Leading companies continue to pursue and achieve significant improvements in business performance, through the adoption of innovative Demand
Management technologies.


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There is a significant difference in corporate performance, both in strategic and tactical results, by companies who take Demand Management practices seriously. For example, Scotts became the supplier of the year to both Walmart and The Home Depot, through significant attention to the technology focused on replenishments; Nissan turned around in the last few years, through the use of sophisticated market sensing. In their words, “That’s why we think beyond the answer. And ask. Because only through this process of constant challenge can real change occur.” Or the converse example: significant loss to shareholder
value has been verified, as companies experience glitches in their supply chain. These impacts can represent 10% or more in loss to shareholder value—and that is real cash!

Demand Management is not simply forecasting, as in the traditional sense of counting how many things we might sell. Demand Management is a broader process, and must tackle the questions of what should we be selling and to whom should we be selling it? Who are our desired customers? What is the right pricing for these markets? It’s the vision thing—but it is validated through real systems.

Emerging technologies such as on demand, data subscription services, data analytics, and a new generation of collaborative software, offer us the opportunity to take a fresh look at Demand Management technology. In his report we examine the options, new approaches, and emerging technology offerings, as well as the traditional players (many firms have not even adequately implemented the basics fully).

This report requires a Basic Subscription (available at no cost).
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