Business Priorities 2015: Part Two

The Year of Innovation


ChainLink’s Business Priorities 2015 looks at the business as well as the technology priorities of today’s professionals in Supply Chain. Part Two focuses on the technology priorities and challenges.


2015 is a year of transitions. We are surrounded by technologies—from traditional enterprise to supply chain platforms, mobile, Internet of Things, location technologies and all-seeing sensors, video, etc. Business users and their IT staff increasingly understand the value these technologies can bring. Thus, we see some transitions in how technology spend will occur in the next few years.

No—application/commercial off-the-shelf purchases will not go away. In fact, the spending here continues to go up. But users are seeking a new generation of technology enablers.

In Part One of this report we explored the goals, challenges, and focus areas for companies across retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors in the coming year. We also compared some of them to prior years, which revealed that the emerging primary goal is more focus on growth and investing in new products and services.

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