The Brief – September 14 2010


Mastering Supply Chain Complexity, Supplier Mgmt Lessons, WMS Returns and Recalls, and more

Best practices, technology, and new takes on critical business topics from ChainLink Research

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 – Published weekly.

Achieving excellence in Supply Chain has always been a challenge, but the last decade has gotten more complex, requiring solutions to enable clarity… [ Read: Complexity/Clarity – Mastering Today’s Complex Supply Chains ]

Contract and Supplier Management Lessons

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Distilled insights from ChainLink’s recent research on managing contracts, supplier performance, and reverse auctions. [ Read: Contract & Supplier Management Lessons ]


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Reducing Risk in Global Life Sciences Supply Chains

A rash of recalls causes us to resubmit this article, since setbacks will likely occur after the election.

[ Read: Reducing Risk in Global Life Sciences Supply Chains ]

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WMS Technology Part Four – Returns and Recalls

3PL warehouses have unique challenges that should drive their purchase of WMS software.

[ Read: WMS Technology – Returns, Recalls ]

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