The Brief – November 9 2010


Customer Experience, Supplier Business Continuity, Item-Level RFID Initiative

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010 – Published weekly.

The Customer Experience. [ Read: 46 Shopping Days to Christmas ]

Managing Supply Risk Part Two – Supplier Business Continuity

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Do your key suppliers have a working disaster recovery/business continuity plan if one of their plants or critical IT systems goes down? If you don’t know, you are inviting disaster. [ Read: Managing Supply Risk Pt2 – Supplier Business Continuity ]


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The Year of Item-level RFID

GS1 and VICS’ announcement of an item-level RFID initiative might appear to be the formation of “just another technical working group.” But it is actually one more indicator that we are finally at the “knee of the curve” of sustained exponential growth for UHF RFID.

[ Read: Year of Item-level RFID ]

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