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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 – Published weekly.

One of the most important developments in supplier relationships is outcome sourcing – moving from buying things to buying results or outcomes. This two-part article describes Outcome Sourcing in actual use, and how you can use it to motivate and tap the innovative power of your supply base. [ Read: Outcome Sourcing Part 1: Buying Results ]

Demand Management – A Structured View – Part 1

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Companies that excel at Demand Management know how to predict and grow demand. They effectively segment their markets and channels. They analyze demographics and capture and analyze new audiences. They use price optimization and are smart about the use of promotions. They know when and how to do consensus and collaborative planning, and are able to effectively stay ahead of their competition by sensing and discovering Demand – new markets and new customers – by using web analytics and Marketing Automation. [ Read: Demand Management – A Structured View – Part 1 ]


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Biometric Technology Gets New Advocacy

Biometrics has been a useful technology in financial applications as well as access control. However, it also has a controversial alter-ego. Many governments seek to create national identity cards, using biometrics as the core technology.

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Pharmaceutical Safety ePedigree Pilot Launched by SecureTrace Consortium

A consortium of ten U.K.-based companies, led by Authentix (an authentication and brand protection firm), aims to provide secure serialization and track and trace capability for the pharmaceutical industry. Their solution uses a combination of 2D barcodes, RFID, authentication, serialization, ePedigree, and wireless/mobile technologies to track and validate drugs as they move from the manufacturing plant, through the warehouse/distribution channel, and to the retail drug store or other point of dispensing. This should be helpful in anti-counterfeiting, reducing diversion, and improving drug safety. We’ve seen this movie before (at least a similar one) with California Express, but there are differences too.

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High Tech Supply Chain — Sustainability Challenges from Both Ends

Creating and maintaining sustainable and green business practices is a growing challenge for Electronics firms. As consumers obsess on the latest electronics gadgets and sales for all things electronic increases, demand for mined precious metals increases. On the reverse side, electronic waste grows. The UN has recently published several reports and articles…

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Consumers Returning to Luxury Items and Big-name Brands

One sign that the recovery may have legs is the growth in luxury and national brands. What does this augur about consumer sentiment, tastes, and the 2010 product mix?

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Counterfeit Threats Mount as Congress Moves Tentatively Towards Solutions

Counterfeiting increases in a down economy, since it has so many audiences in the general population. However, the loss to the economy as well as the public welfare, due to the use of unsafe counterfeit products, is staggering. Congress, DHS, HHS, as well as industry advocacy groups propose regulations…

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Will the Yuan Rise or Not?

Close watchers of the yuan have differing opinions on whether it will start rising again soon or remain strictly pegged to the dollar. It matters a lot to the U.S. and the rest of the world, not only because of the impact on the cost of components and goods manufactured in China, but increasingly because it impacts the competitivenss of goods sold into China.

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