The Brief – July 20 2010


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 – Published weekly.

Reverse auctions can generate double-digit savings year after year. Companies can build on those savings, including things that might not normally be considered auctionable, by defining completely and exactly how they want to be served. [ Read: Comprehensive Auctioning: Broadening the Scope Of Reverse Auctions ]

Best Practices Epiphany – A Case for Managed Services

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are they best practices if we don’t ever implement them or ‘practices’ erode… [ Read: Best Practices Epiphany – A Case for Managed Services ]


technology | supply chain, enterprise, RFID & sensors, and more

The Mobile Supply Chain Market: Preparing for Takeoff

The merger of Airclic and AirVersent, two leaders in vertical industry/process-specific mobile supply chain applications, is a sign of the maturing of mobile platforms and the beginning of a strong growth period for mobile supply chain systems.

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

supply chain news | markets, supply, demand, risk, industry news

Mundane or Majestic

Supply Chain apps transforms performance and image of brand company…

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

Counterfeits in the Mainstream Primetime TV

CNBC’s Counterfeit Goods program estimates the cost to the US at $600 billion…

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government and global trade | policy, politics, finance, and trade

Federal Government Working to Generate Next Generation Manufacturing Base

President Obama opened new battery plant in Holland, Michigan this week.

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