The Brief – February 7 2012


2012 Business Priorities, Big Changes in Healthcare and Life Science, 2012 “Mobile Mania”

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 – Published twice monthly.

2011 Ended with modest growth in many sectors and big wins for many. 2012 will show some big growth and big challenges for many. [ Read: BUSINESS PRIORITIES 2012 – Research Results ]

The Big Crunch: Price Pressures and Big Changes in Healthcare and Life Science Supply Chains – Part One

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Science’s transformation is being driven by price pressures, healthcare reform, emerging markets, and other factors, disrupting the traditional value chain relationships and business models. We discuss some key trends and how companies are coping. [ Read: The Big Crunch: Pt1 ]


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Trends 2012: Mobile Mania – Shopping and the Shoppers

In our report on mobile mania (in the last issue) we looked at the supply chain side of mobile, probably the best understood – but still an evolving market. Here we will look at the consumer/retail side of the mobile mania.

[ Read: Trends 2012: Mobile Mania – Shopping and the Shoppers ]

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