The Brief – August 3 2010


Procurement Governance, Channel Collaboration, Dash-7, Item-level RFID, and more

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010 – Published weekly.

How a major high tech firm uses global commodity management teams to provide centralized sourcing that still meets the needs of various product lines, functions, and geographies. [ Read: Centralized vs. Local Sourcing and Procurement Governance Models: Part Two ]

Collaborating with Channels – Great Source for Accurate Demand: Part Two

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Channel partners can be a great source of accurate forcasts, but Brand, OEMs and Tech companies don’t engage on Demand. [ Read: Collaborating with Channels – Great Source for Accurate Demand: Part Two ]


technology | supply chain, enterprise, RFID & sensors, and more

Dash7 Alliance Progress Report

Standards groups are known for glacial speed, but Dash7 moves with faster frequency.

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

Retail Item-level RFID Tagging: Is the Privacy Threat Real?

Recent articles on Walmart’s item-level tagging announcement dedicated a lot of print to privacy concerns. Is that the central story?

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

government and global trade | policy, politics, finance, and trade

Congress Passes Financial Reform – What Will Be the Impact to Supply Chain?

The ChainLink team hypothesizes on the potential impacts to Supply Chain investments.

[ Read: ChainLink Commentary ]

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