The Brief – April 2023


Scenario Planning for S.C. Risk–Part 2, Carbon-Offset LNG, Green Hydrogen’s Future Role in Transportation

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023 – Published once each month.

Part Two of this series uses the example of the risk of a China-Taiwan-US war to examine how to weigh and prioritize multiple mitigation options, as well as the use of monitoring and triggers to guide level-headed decision-making during a crisis. We also look at various other examples of high-uncertainty risks where ChainLink’s Framework for Mitigating Risk in High-Uncertainty Scenarios could be usefully applied. [Read Scenario Planning Part Two]

Carbon-Offset LNG: Africa’s Transition Fuel

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Carbon-Offset LNG provides a transition fuel to help the world meet carbon emissions reduction goals, especially in the near-term. Africa has a combination of sizeable natural gas reserves and opportunities for legitimate large-scale carbon-offset projects, such as massive afforestation efforts across the entire Sahel. [Read Carbon-Offset LNG Africa]

Green Hydrogen’s Role in Enabling Zero-Emissions Transportation – Part One

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

As the world transitions to zero-emissions transportation, it looks at first glance like battery-powered vehicles will dominate and hydrogen-powered vehicles are almost nowhere to be seen. While this is undoubtedly true for passenger vehicles and light trucks, it will be a different story for ocean-faring ships and possibly for long-haul trucks and trains. In this first in our three-part series, we look at why hydrogen is likely to play a key role for these modes of transportation as we transition to low/zero-emissions transport. [Read Green Hydrogen’s Role in Zero-Emissions Transportation]

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