The Talent Gap


What It Is, Why We Have It, and Some Simple Ideas to Fill the Gap.


Not enough talent

The supply chain profession is going through one of our most profound changes since it became a recognized function. Driven by demand for more talented professionals, dramatic new technologies — mobile, location-based, and web everything — and business drivers of globalization, virtualization and Omni-everything — supply chain is facing a big crisis. Not enough talent from strategy roles right down to the shop floor.

We can’t solve this problem in one big splash. It will take combinations of smart business initiatives, universities cranking out more graduates (assuming young people’s awareness that this is the place to be in their career) and new services and technologies.

What really is the talent gap and what we can do about it

Asked to comment about the Talent Gap — What It Is, Why We Have It, and what we can do about it, we created this article/blog post. In it you will find a definition of what really is the talent gap and what we can do about it — in the short run. It is essential to address it NOW, since growth and savings are stymied without great people — in trucks and in the office dreaming up that next great idea.

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