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HighJump Acquires Wesupply

Source: Image by HighJump
Though most often categorized as a mega-WMS, HighJump also has a competitive B2B communications element with TrueCommerce. Their B2B just got bigger with the acquisition of Wesupply. Wesupply boasts an impressive customer list in the EU with retailers such as Sainsbury’s and can connect CPG manufacturers to all the major retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Asda, ALDI, Tesco; and wholesalers to manufacturers, both large — P&G, Unilever, United Foods — and small, who rely on Wesupply’s managed services. Source HighJUmp

The big firms insist on getting EDI right, so small ones lose out if they don’t comply. With non-compliance a risk that may be compounded by the lack of really knowledgeable electronic commerce professionals, this is a popular service with the small and mid-size firms in the market they serve — retail, manufacturing, wholesale, building trades and others.

Tradeshift Acquires Merchantry

Source: Image by Tradeshift
Tradeshift is an upcoming supplier collaboration platform provider (more about Tradeshift here) with a unique approach to supply management. Part of the growth strategy is to build out the network and solution. Thus, the acquisition of Merchantry. Unlike other PIMs (product information management systems) Merchantry is focused on retail. Product information management is crucial to enable purchasing, accurate labeling as well as easy onboarding of new suppliers. Source: Tradeshift

Tradeshift’s network continues to grow with over 500,000 connections across the world.

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