Sensor Networks and Clouds – a Perfect Union


Sensors, RFID, and Geospatial applications make really smart clouds.


Our future is a connected one — connected care, mobile shopping, visual supply chain, smart cities, smart grids, precision agriculture, you name it! Over the last decade, a few technologies have converged to not only make these visions possible, but real. Sensor networks, mobile, GPS, and RFID combined with cloud technology are revolutionizing our world.

Clouds are popping up all over. But not all clouds have the depth to go the distance — literally — in this new world. The depth of capabilities — especially geospatial, complex event processing and specific business applications such as patient care, supply chain, and analytics create really smart clouds. The market is littered with ‘storage lockers’ of data, but only those cloud applications that can use the information intelligently to solve complex business problems will have the staying power.

If you want to understand this world and how it is shaping up, and meet some of the players who are making it happen, please join ChainLink and MIT along with three CEOs of very smart cloud-based solutions companies on September 23rd.

You can learn more and register at: Smart Clouds.

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