Letter From the Editor


Ann’s editorial for the September 2004 issue…


Since RFID still seems to be a major issue, we will continue to feature articles on its impact to the supply chain. But on a larger scale, what we are witnessing is a major change in how technology, and specifically the application industry as we know it, will change.

First, a major explosion on data transactions, transmissions etc. over converged devices and applications (routers, hubs, network applications on the internet) will be the main focus of supply chain implementations-Intelligence in your hand-person to person.

And, at the core, will be On-Demand technology. License sales-gone! If you don’t agree with me, think about how you download music-by the song. Phone services. Ok, they require a subscription, but switching costs are really low-and all the code is on the hub.

And the devices are getting more powerful and richer in their applications. So, we have several articles and events to address these. We recently completed our On-Demand report, and we will host a webinar to review these issues.Our ongoing series on RFID continues as well, with an RFID for Defense, followed by an Advanced RFID elearning session.

Recently I read Lance Armstrong’s book Every Second Counts. There are too many quotes to share, so many stick out; but for Supply Chain people, here is one that rings true:

“If you truly invest in yourself, in your team, you guarantee yourself a return on investment, and that’s a big competitive advantage over less-committed teams….What’s smarter, to invest or spend? Investment implies a longer term commitment-it’s not shallow or ephemeral…and gets …a long term return”.

Next month we will have new columns from our ever-growing ChainLink team.

Keep investing in yourself—keep learning!

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