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For decades, Demand Management and Retail have been begging for smarter customer segmentation and analytics. That day may have come…


For decades firms have been struggling to understand their markets and customers and to design better products that align their supply chain to meet each customer’s needs.

Consumers and their data have been all over the web for over a decade, yet web analytics are really in their infancy. For supply chain players, this means that their leverage of the potential insights from analysis and data sifting has been minimal.

That has now changed with JDA’s partnership with Google. At the JDA Focus, JDA gathered their retail customers and provided powerful glimpses into the potential of combining the retail demand management with supply chain in all new ways, using their, with Google as a key enabler.

Last week JDA and Google made that official. Today, there are several big data, “map-reducers” such as Hadoop and TeraData, and big analytics engines like Watson and, of course, Google. But Google offers something more — the data! Thus, the Google search, algorithms and data, plus the global scalable capabilities, make it a great platform choice for a new generation of JDA’s retail solutions.

We spoke to Serge Massicotte, executive vice president and chief technology officer at JDA Software and had an exciting and informative conversation on the future of technology and JDA’s vision of their role in this new world of big data, how they are making it practically useful — valuable — for their customers.

We asked Serge. “What next? What does JDA want their customers to do with these new capabilities?” JDA wants customers to step up — which some have already done — and work in co-development, not just on standard new applications, but also on analytics specific to their needs.

Enterprises do need very specific analytics to understand their unique market and customer challenges all the way to smarter supply chains.


More on JDA’s Announcement —

This collaboration, which will significantly accelerate the development of JDA’s next generation cloud solutions, is JDA’s most recent initiative aimed at delivering innovative products and services for its customers. With an unmatched R&D investment in supply chain and omni-channel solutions, the company recently formed JDA Labs – a dedicated research and development group committed to delivering patents, best practices and entirely new products to the market. Google Cloud Platform initiatives will be developed out of the JDA Labs in Montreal. JDA’s work with Google also complements JDA’s newly announced FLEX platform strategy, which easily connects JDA’s existing cloud-based solutions and on-premise solutions with next generation solutions built on Google Cloud Platform.

“To maintain and expand that leadership, JDA is focused on developing new innovative products and services that will truly change the supply chain landscape. By working with Google JDA will concentrate on working with our customers to co-develop these groundbreaking solutions with Google Cloud Platform.”- Serge Massicotte.

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