AI and Machine Learning for Supply Chain – Into the Future


It’s 2021! and we want to contemplate the future of technology and how it will change our world.
Oh yes, there are those usual outsized proclamations that AI and machine learning will provide close to $3 trillion of savings in 2021 – that’s right now. Then there is a bleaker view depicting the lack of preparedness for the future. These are interesting points of view, yes, but they don’t provide the guidance we may need to make reality-based decisions to address our challenges and take advantage of practical and competitive gaining innovations.


How do we prepare and take advantage of AI and Machine Learning? This new report AI and Machine Learning for Supply Chain – Into the Future specially addresses organizational professional and technical preparedness. Even if you are on the bleeding edge of innovation, there is much to do. Whatever your role in the supply chain, there is much to learn.

This report is part of a series on AI/machine specifically for supply chain. There is so much written about AI and Machine Learning. A lot of it is extremely technically dense or a leitmotif with little substance. Mostly these writings are not specific enough for supply chain.

Our research, with both the end-user and technology community — many independent sources — has allowed us to produce this series specific for supply chain:

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