Total Cost Sourcing in Practice


A ChainLink Webinar in collaboration with i2 Technologies



Thursday, November 16, 2006
12:00-1:00 PM EST (9:00-10:00 AM PST)


As companies mature, they start making sourcing decisions based on total cost, rather than just material cost. However, many companies quantify only basic total cost elements, while giving qualitative descriptions for most of the factors. We’ll discuss a total cost framework and methods to help sourcing professionals place a dollar value on a much wider range of attributes, such as supply risk and supplier performance. Whirlpool will describe how their approach to Total Cost Soucring has evolved and what they’ve learned in the process. Other real-world examples will also be used to illustrate the concepts in practice.

  • TCS Evolution: How leading organizations are expanding the scope of considered costs
  • Landed Cost: Effective methods for realistically assessing the true cost impact of low-cost country (LCC) options
  • Supply Chain: Incorporating hidden switching costs or inventory impacts in the total cost picture
  • Relationships: How TCS methods can enhance and reinforce key supplier contributions
  • Solutions: What can users accomplish and what else is needed?

Findings are presented based on extensive research of sourcing best practices. Anyone involved in cost-based sourcing decisions won’t want to miss this webinar.


Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

Steve Alsbro, Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain, Whirpool Corp.

Bob Anson, Senior Director, Sourcing Solutions
i2 Technologies, Inc.

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