The Future of Supply Chain Technology


We are at the beginning of a huge transformation in supply chains enabled by the next generation of technology that is smaller, faster, and that dramatically alters economic models across industries.



Wednesday, November 10, 2004
12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
(GMT -05:00, New York), 1 Hour

Hear the results of ChainLink’s “future forward” research on tomorrow’s supply chains and the big trends of next generation technology:

  • The Digital Home
  • The Networked Enterprise
  • Responsive-Resilient Supply Chains
  • SmallSmartFast Technologies
  • On Demand Networks, Applications and Architectures

This webinar will help you build a roadmap for the future to propel your supply chain up to the next level of performance.


Ann Grackin
CEO, ChainLink Research

Bill McBeath
Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

Carla Reed
VP Global Logistics, ChainLink Research, as moderator

ChainLink Research
Harvard Square Center
124 Mt. Auburn St., Suite 200N
Cambridge, MA 02138

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