Supply Chain Resiliance – How to Make It Your Key Success Factor

Webinar Recording with Bill McBeath


Webinar: WED, Jan 23, 11am EST (8am PST)

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Organizations today have outsourced key activities to their suppliers, which number in hundreds and thousands, and are based out of geographically diverse locations. Still a corporation’s insight into their supply chain and its environment is limited and outdated, making it difficult for them to have a proactive approach to changing dynamics of their supply chain entities.

Supply Chain risks, therefore, have become a key factor for global organizations. Efficient and timely management of these risks has a big impact on a company, including its competitive advantage in the market, and even its eventual success or failure as a business. Terms like supply chain risk and resilience have been discussed for a long time now, but very few organizations have made the required efforts to successfully address their supply chain risks.

In this webinar, Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer at ChainLink Research will join a MetricStream subject matter expert to discuss how to manage and reduce supply chain risks.

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