RFID: What You Must Know as a DOD Supplier


An RFID Update with Alan Estevez and Ann Grackin.



March 26, 2004
12:00 pm EST 9:00 Pacific

Since the Department of Defense RFID Policy announcement in October there has been a flurry of activity centering on DoD requirements. There is confusion around DoD requirements and the timetable for when suppliers have to be ready. In this webinar, Ann Grackin will lead a discussion with Alan Estevez, DoD’s lead for the RFID initiative. Mr. Estevez will explore DoD RFID requirements, talk about current implementation status and highlight learnings from the pilots underway. There is no charge for this webinar


Alan Estevez, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Supply Chain Integration) – United States Department of Defense

Ann Grackin, ChainLink’s CEO and lead RFID strategist

Please join us for this important RFID update.

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