RFID in Healthcare and Life Sciences


A ChainLink eLearning Workshop Playback: “RFID in Healthcare and Life Sciences”, the industry’s best educational session on RFID in the End-to-End Healthcare Chain. First in a Series of Four.


In this 90 minute class at your own desktop, you will learn:

  • Basics of RFID, including basic principles and overview of physics of RFID, the whole “stack” (tags, readers, middleware, apps.)
  • Use of RFID in Product Discovery and Approval – gathering data and monitoring processes
  • Use of RFID in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain – areas of opportunity where the use of RFID in manufacturing, storage and distribution processes can provide data to assist with anti-counterfeiting, diversion control, Cold Chain, Materials/WIP tracking and visibility, Packaging and labeling.
  • Use of RFID in Clinical Settings – Introduction to the use of auto-identification technologies for Admissions, Procedure control, patient monitoring, asset tracking, Pharmaceutical management, Tracking of Pathology Samples, patient discharge and home health care.


Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

Carla Reed, Vice President, ChainLink Research

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