RFID for DoD Suppliers: Module 3B


Each product has unique characteristics and follows a unique path to its destination. How do I start the process? How do I run a pilot and make RFID work in my environment and across the supply chain?


What you will learn:

  • Industry Vertical and Product considerations (Food, Pharma, Hardware, Electronics, Auto, Aerospace, Weapons components, etc.)
  • How do I begin the project? Running the Pilot.
  • Conducting a Site survey – what to look for
  • RFID use in manufacturing, warehouse, yard, service chain
  • Working with the waves – Issues and challenges in working with wireless/RFID
  • Project Planning tips
  • Next steps – where do I go for help? A vendor neutral discussion


  • Alan Estevez
  • Mary Ann Wagner
  • Ann Grackin
  • Bill McBeath
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