RFID for DoD Suppliers: Session b


Session B: Understanding ASN, WAWF, and RFID Data constructs (segment 2)


Module One: Section B

This session will explain how the Advance Shipment notification process fits into the DoD’s RFID policy requirement. This session will cover the detail of the Tag data constructs and Wide Area Workflow. Learn from these industry experts what you need to know to be compliant and operational for shipments to DoD. This session will cover the basics moving the data.

What you will learn:

In this session you will learn what level of RFID application is Right for You and your organization. During this session you will learn the minimum investments possible to be RFID enabled. This session will also cover what it means to move toward full integration of RFID into your supply chain. This session will cover the acceptable tag data formats for DoD shipments and why this is important to your organization.


  • Mary Ann Wagner
  • Brad Cougher – Office of Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
  • Dave Guianasso – Director, DCMA eLearning
  • Greg Letiecq – WFI Government Services
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