Orthodox vs. Extraordinary: Innovative Marketing and Merchandising Strategies


Gain insights into the 7 Myths of Merchandising to go from Orthodox to Extraordinary.



Customer segmentation and customer engagement are critical for successful merchandising strategies. Customer experience must be designed for today’s consumer to reach them where they are, with new innovative approaches and world class technology. Listen to this lively and enlightening discussion with Ann Grackin and Inez Blackburn.


Inez Blackburn, CEO, Market Techniques and Innovations
Inez has taught international marketing and retailing all over the world and studied consumers and their behaviors with one goal – how to get a greater share of heart. Inez co-authored “Pride Passion and Profit” on growing profitably by dedicating yourself to consistently solving your customers’ problems.

Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research
Ann has devoted her professional career to bringing innovative practices and technology solutions to her customers, colleagues, and readers.

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