Learn How Cloud Solutions Enable Wholesale Distributors’ Scalable Growth


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In 2011 the distribution and wholesale business will succeed by delivering great value to customers and strategic insights to partners using the right technology as an enabler for growth. Are you running your business as efficiently as possible? Please join this webinar for relevant and immediately actionable insight.

  • Cloud ERP, a ‘Main Street’ Solution: Ann Grackin talks about the growth of the ERP Cloud market, and its particular value to mid-size and high-growth companies. What are the economic benefits of cloud vs. on-premise solutions?
  • Growing Global Sales: Jesse Menczer discusses DiscounTechnology’s implementation of cloud-based ERP and how they’ve been able to grow their business 50-100% every year, with a fraction of the growth to their overhead.
  • Building a Business on Cloud Technologies: Zach Stassen talks about how Emerge Surgical leverages cloud-based ERP across accounting, sales and operations to manage their business and how this allows them to easily manage a remote workforce.
  • A Unique Approach to Wholesale Distribution Needs: Roman Bukary talks about how NetSuite uniquely satisfies the needs of Wholesale Distribution businesses and how its technology streamlines today’s W-D enterprises.


  • Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research
  • Zach Stassen, Founder and CFO, Emerge Surgical
  • Jesse Menczer, CIO of DiscounTechnology
  • Roman Bukary, Head of Manufacturing and Distribution Industries, NetSuite
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