Cold Chains Are Hot!

Mastering The Challenges Of Temperature-Sensitive Distribution In Supply Chains


Mastering The Challenges Of Temperature-Sensitive Distribution In Supply Chains.



Wednesday, April 20, 2005
12:00 pm EDT

The effective delivery of food, pharmaceuticals and life saving products are now in the spotlight. Proper handling, especially in the “last mile” including the end user, is critical. Variations are not an option. Product purity and human lives are at stake. Based on our recent in-depth research project, this webinar covers the challenges of the Cold Chain and the new approaches being used to meet them. The stakes are high — valuable materials, brand integrity, customer confidence, and market share are all at risk in the fragile Cold Chain. Hear about the innovation, collaboration, and communication being used by leading companies. We will also discuss advanced technologies, such as sensors, RFID, wireless and wired networks to ensure an ongoing “portable record” of each product throughout its lifecycle. By leveraging technologies and process disciplines, such as some of those that have been pioneered in the Food industry, it is possible to create a Cold Chain infrastructure that understands and prepares for the constraints of Cold Chain distribution. The case for action is compelling — lives are at stake!


Carla Reed
Vice President Global Logistics, ChainLink Research


Bill McBeath
Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research

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