Unified Communications/Mobile, Video, Apps

Communication technologies to aid supply chain and other operations, and business in general

Mobile Coupons – The Missing Piece

ECoupons on mobile phones have not taken off yet. Many people do not realize that it is largely because of the inability of most barcode readers at retailers to reliably read a barcode displayed on a phone. Mobeam is about to change all that.

Managing Critical Item Delivery

Every item you deliver to your customer is important. But some items are critical. Modern mobile technology can help eliminate the slipups.

Trends 2012 – Mobile Mania

The question is not, “Are we going mobile?” The question is, “How are we going to leverage it?” In this report, we explore the rising interest in mobile technology.

Collaboration at the Crossroads: Collaboration Technology Convergence

In this report, we develop a description of the collaboration suite. Other research reports are more focused on the segments, and surely, that is important. But at ChainLink, we have always been more focused on the questions: What do I use this for? What problems does it solve? What is a complete solution?

Collaboration Technologies: Part Two

(This Three Part series is now combined into a Full Report available HERE.)

In Part One we discussed the specific technologies that make up the Collaboration Suite. In this Part Two, we will look at the end-user role and see how the suite supports collaboration activities according to the roles and activities people perform.

In Part Three we will return to the Solution Providers. Who are they? How are they positioned in the market? How can you create a true solution out of the components?

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