Unified Communications/Mobile, Video, Apps

Communication technologies to aid supply chain and other operations, and business in general

Highlights from SuiteWorld

From new Omni-Channel capabilities, to integrated Service Resource Planning, great customer stories, and more, there were a lot of sweets at SuiteWorld.

Is Business Social?

How will Social be implemented in the enterprise? Research Findings from ChainLink Research.

Passive RFID Market–Focus UHF–2014

RFID is being adopted by wider industries with more use cases within enterprises as they gain experience with RFID. Key drivers of growth for the industry include…

Social Supply Chain 2014

Social technology is being added to many of the major supply chain portfolios. But social will manifest differently in the supply chain sphere than in the consumer sphere.

Social Data Mining: Beyond Sentiment

Quite a few companies are focused on mining public social media data for consumer sentiment indicators. However, there are many other insights and information of value that can be gleaned from Tweets, blogs, and Facebook pages. We are just beginning to understand how various companies can exploit these data–whether for risk management, financial investments, or other uses.

Social Networking, Stage 2

Social networking has evolved in ways similar to the early days of the web. It will lead to a new way of working in the enterprise.

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