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It’s All About the Data

There is a growing recognition by users that without a solution to their massive data problems, all the smart algorithms in the world will do nothing for them. What does it take to manage modern supply chain data? Read on….

Becoming a Supply Chain Icon

JDA’s journey to re-invigorate themselves, with all the tough decisions, hard work and money invested are beginning to pay off big time. And this is the time to lead as we go through a significant Supply Chain Transformation on a global scale.

Multi-party Solutions for Supply Chain: Part Two

Networks used in the supply chain perform a variety of functions. Most users are unaware of the vital role they already play in your supply chain.

This report introduces many valuable solution players.

Supply Chain 2019

Huge bets have been placed with M&As by carriers, freight forwarders, VCs and private equity firms. As well, there has been a steep increase in software and hardware development, which is driving big money and big dreams for our future supply chains.

End-to-End at E2open

At the recent E2open Leaders’ Forum, we learned more about their vision, approach, and roadmap to providing a comprehensive end-to-end platform and network. Recent acquisitions have punctuated the differences in strategy from other network platform providers.

How Infor is Helping to Realize Human Potential

At Inforum 2018, we learned more about the third phase of Infor’s evolution, addressing the future of work, AI, and human potential. Their Control Center announcement was of particular importance in the emerging race to implement autonomous supply chain capabilities. We also take a look at the role that HCM and Talent Science plays.

Your Supply Chain Is Calling You

This report covers the evolving realm of supply chain in the digital era of technology. The digitization of the supply chain, dynamic fulfillment, and the impact on supply chain managers and employees are discussed.

Digital Supply Chains: Part Six – Automating Concept-to-EOL, Incident-to-Resolution

On the theme of automation of major end-to-end process, we look at examples in product–concept-to-EOL (Concept, Design, hand-off to manufacturing, production, EOL, spares management) and in service: incident-to-resolution (Incident reporting, action planning, dispatch, root cause analysis, repair and/or remediation, acceptance, close).

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