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AI in Supply Chain – Some Definitions

If we are going to invest in AI and Machine Learning technology with the goal to improve our Supply Chain performance, we must have a working knowledge of just what AI/ML is.

The media is filled with stories about AI. But there is scant information related to AI for the Supply Chain. Looking for some clarity? There are plenty of obtuse definitions on the web, but almost none of them tell you what AI does for Supply Chain. These definitions will.

Infrastructure Is the Starting Point

Retail and Supply Chain with warehouse fulfillment, service management, and manufacturing are going through a vast make-over. Why?
We need the data. And we need it now. It’s great to talk about IoT, but you need the infrastructure in place to collect that data. And that can be expensive—really expensive. Therefore, we need a range of solutions appropriate for each facility and pocketbook.

Geospatial Intelligence: Part Five – Traceability and Provenance Assurance

Traceability has become increasingly important in supply chains, whether it’s pharmaceuticals, food, lumber, electronic parts, conflict minerals, and other commodities. The goals of traceability are diverse, such as anti-counterfeiting, rapid response/recall when tainted goods are discovered, brand protection, fair trade, environmental protection, and prevention of diversion/grey market sales.

Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? NRF Observations

The changes in retail are generational. And technology is upside down with the so-called added-ons, niches and best of breeds actually driving the change. The tails are wagging the dogs.

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