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Supply Chain Ready Network

PDF of Colleen Fitzpatrick’s Presentation on how networks are evolving to become “Supply Chain Ready”, including Cisco’s views and contributions, presented at Parallax Views 2005 (Banff).

RFID for Maritime

RFID is being increasingly used not just for port and container security, but also in a myriad of other innovative uses in the Maritime industry. RFID is being used to track containers as they move across oceans, provide real-time location of containers in maritime yards, help product flow through customs, reduce demurrage, and increase the throughput of our constrained ports. In discussion with shippers, carriers, port operators and technology providers, the report covers these areas:- Users’ needs and requirements for RFID in Maritime- What is the complete RFID Solution- Recommendations to shippers and 3rd parties on how to proceed forward with RFID- An analysis of the current RFID Solution Providers in Maritime- Business opportunities for 3rd parties

On Demand Now

There is an end-user revolution going on. Enterprise Software customers are fed up with over-promising and under-delivering by vendors — key functionality that was in the sales deck or demo but never showed up in the product or was delayed for years; vendors that “take the money and run,” once initial installation is completed; and ROI that never materialized. Of course, there have been many success stories as well, but the reality is that the traditional technology sales model never did a particularly good job of facilitating an alignment of goals between the customer and the vendor. As a result, vendors who focused almost exclusively on sales as the only goal often did not stick around to ensure that the value of their product was realized for their customers.

RFID for Consumer/Retail Supply Chain

The extended Consumer Supply Chain is driven by serving the demands of the ultimate customer. Since consumers have no obligation to present forecasts to their merchants, that means businesses need to create ways to see and sense-in real-time, all the time-product consumption, as well as evolve their offerings over time, to continue to meet the needs of an ever more sophisticated and demanding consumer.

RFID Solutions

The Department of Defense recently embarked upon a vision for accelerating transformation of its logistics capabilities over the next five to ten years. The primary objective is ensuring consistent, reliable support that meets Warfighter requirements of end-to-end customer service.

RFID in Retail

RFID can help businesses create ways to see and sense – in real-time, all the time – product consumption, as well as evolve their offerings over time, to continue to meet the needs of an ever more sophisticated and demanding consumer.

APS Implementation Truths

After significant negativity in the press, we decided to find out what the true story was — was APS worth it?

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